5/22/14 - Latest Release to StitcherAds

Andy Redfearn -

Great news...we've just released some more great features that should make StitcherAds even more effective at driving results from your Facebook advertising. 

Included in this release are:

  • Creative Variations - the ability to create variations of your adverts with different images, messages and URL headlines. These are then optimised to find the most engaging to each targeting by the Facebook algorithm. Find out more about this feature here.
  • URL Tracking Parameters - a lot of our customers have told us about the pretty advanced tracking they want to use in their advertising so we've built a feature that will allow you to put custom tracking parameters on each targeting variation. Find out more here.
  • Statistics rework - we constantly listen to your feedback and take onboard what we can see is effective at making your lives easier so we've reworked the dashboard, overview and campaign report pages. Similar to before the dashboard and campaign report pages all follow a similar format but we've made enhancements.
    • All statistics are now realtime from Facebook - we've removed the need for you to sync down your data - you're reading it as it was when your page loaded.
    • Activity over time graphs are now combined - we've rolled our the graphs into one and have also added some prechecked graphs under the 'Change Metric' button.
    • We've added reporting all the way down to the advert level. With the introduction of Creative Variations you need to be able to drill into an ad set and see how the adverts perform - you can now do this and again, the page is in a similar format to Campaign reporting.
    • You can change the bid and bid type of each advert on the new advert report pages - allowing you the control to adjust and optimise at the granular level if needed.

We hope you find these changes beneficial but we're always interested to hear your feedback. We've a roadmap of exciting changes coming over the next few months so stay tuned to find our more and how they can improve your advertising.


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