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As well as being able to target your adverts to users you have in a file or to people who have visited your website, in StitcherAds you can create audience of similar people.

Let's say you have already created an audience of people who have bought products from your site or who are your most valuable customers - wouldn't you like to get more customers similar to them? Well that's where lookalike audiences come in. By creating a lookalike, Facebook extrapolates from the features of your seed audience to create a target group for you of people who are similar.

Creating a Lookalike Audience
You can create Lookalike audiences from the Audience overview page by clicking the button next to the audience you would like to use as the seed. This opens a dialog box where you can configure your audience.

You can specify the following:

  • Name - StitcherAds automatically creates a name for your audience which you can edit
  • Country - Lookalike audiences are restricted to a country and importantly, the seed audience must contain at least 100 users from the country you wish to create a lookalike audience in.
  • Optimise for
    • Reach - which selects the top 5% of similar people to your seed audience
    • Similarity - which selects the top 1% of similar people to your seed audience
    • Ratio - where you can select the percentage of similar people to your seed audience

It can take up to 48 hours to populate a lookalike audience but you can create adverts with it straight away; they just won't get distribution until the audience is populated with users.

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