8/15/14 - Urgent: Facebook Account Re-authentication

Andy Redfearn -

Facebook has advised that in recent weeks there have been a number of malicious acts resulting in fraudulent ads being run via some marketing partners. In the spirit of helping partners protect themselves and their clients, Facebook is implementing extra security measures which means they will be requiring all gray account passwords be changed as soon as practical. Gray accounts are Facebook ads accounts that you will have set up probably direct with a Facebook Account Manager and that are not associated with your personal Facebook account. They are usually shared access accounts.

Please note neither StitcherAds nor the Facebook platform were compromised and these are precautionary measures.
You do not need to change your password immediately but the next time you login to Facebook a checkpointing workflow will be presented to you and you should do the following:
  1. When next logging into your Facebook Gray account you will be prompted to reset your password. 
    • Ad delivery should not be affected, but you will not be able to login and manage ads until you have gone through these steps.
    • If you log in from a trusted device (that is one that you have logged into the gray account from before), the checkpoint should be trivial to clear (Note: users attempting to complete this flow should NOT clear cookies as this creates a new session). If your attempt fails, it's likely because Facebook doesn't recognise the device from which your are accessing the site. Click the support link for more help.
  2. Once the Facebook checkpoint is cleared the user access token associated with the gray account will be invalidated, similar to what happens when you change your password (for any reason). 
    • To minimise effects in StitcherAds due to an invalid access token, it’s crucial that you then sign in to StitcherAds quickly after completing the checkpoint process so that nothing is disrupted.
  3. You should visit https://accounts.stitcherads.com, log your self out using the link in the top right hand side and then log back in. Once you have logged back into StitcherAds, navigate to your advertising account and we will pick up the new access token for your account.
You can reach out to us should you run into any issues during this process. We understand that this may be inconvenient and even cause some disruption in your business but these steps will help with the protection of your account.


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