Advanced Demographic & Additional Targeting Options

StitcherAds -

StitcherAds allows you to apply additional demographic targeting in order to narrow the audience who will see your adverts. Click on the "Advanced Demographic" link to see all the options which are explained below.

We currently support the following in our advanced demographic targeting:

  • Work targeting:
    •      Employers
      •          e.g. StitcherAds, Facebook, etc.
    •      Job Title
      •          e.g. CEO, Accountant, etc. 
    •      Industries
      •          e.g. Management, Sales, Retail, etc.
  • Relationship targeting:
    •      Relationship Status
      •          e.g. Single, Married, In a relationship, etc.
    •      Interested in
      •          Men, Women, not specified.
  • Family type:
    •      Parent type
      •          e.g. All parents, Parents of children aged 0-3yrs, Expectant parents, etc.


After the device/placement options, we also offer the following additional targeting options

  • Behaviors
  • Interests
  • Ethnic Affinity
  • Education Status
  • School
  • Income Range
  • Partner Categories

Permutations are not supported for these targeting attributes as to do so would lead to such small audiences that the performance of your campaigns would be affected. If you select any of these options, they will be applied to all adverts in the campaign you are creating. 


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