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StitcherAds now has the functionality to copy existing campaigns that were created within StitcherAds. The copy campaign feature will load the campaign build out as if you were building a new campaign, and populate the work flow with the settings that were set when the campaign was originally launched.


It is important to note that the campaign settings will be created with the original settings. This means any changes to the campaign since launch will not be copied into the new campaign (bid changes, ad set name changes, ad set activation/deactivation, etc.).


It is also important to note that the copied campaign will launch with the current Tracking parameters set in the URL Tracking Parameters.  If these settings have changed since building the original campaign you will need to update the parameters before copying the campaign. More information on tracking parameters here: Updated Advert Tracking (Oct 2015

The copy campaign feature is located within the Campaign Overview page in the left hand menu:

Additionally, you will find the copy campaign feature in the campaign overview tab:


It is important to review the workflow when you copy a campaign to ensure that your desired settings are correct. Also, ensure that your bids and budgets are set and that the correct tracking and optimization pixels are selected. The campaign will be created with the default original Campaign name followed by (copy)


Once you’ve confirmed the settings, pixels, budgets, and ad set permutations are correct, you simply launch the new campaign!






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