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Cross Sell DPA campaigns are used to advertise a group of products to users who have previously taken some form of action (usually a purchase) on a complimentary group of products. This is done by a) selecting the product set you are advertising and then b) selecting the product audience based off a separate group of products.

Select Your Products
An 'All Products' set is automatically available for selection in the "Select a product set" field. This is the entire product catalog from your product feed. Just select this from the list or click the + button if you want to refine the list of products you advertise (for more information on the Advanced Product Set options, please see this article).

We usually suggest creating more granular product sets for Cross Sell DPA campaigns as this will give you control over which products are complimentary to others.

Select Your Product Audience

Next, decide who will see the advert. You can either select the already-created product audience in the drop-down menu or create a new product audience by clicking on the + icon to the right. You can also create/choose a product audience to exclude from this campaign.

Note that you can now create up to 10 "product set & product audience" variations. Each one will be automatically permutated across different ad sets when you create the campaign.

Create Your Advert Template
Dynamic Product Ads are created as a result of actions a user has taken on your website. The Ads can be different for each user based on their interactions with products. Therefore rather than creating individual ads for each product, DPA creates a template which Facebook uses to dynamically insert the right content for each user every time the advert is served. 

Ads can contain up to 5 products. Remember that carousel ads (3+ products) carry limited space for the Name and Description/Price fields.

Other dynamic options are available to insert into the advert text. They will appear as they do in the feed.

Note: When using the +Price dynamic option, a currency symbol will automatically be inserted i.e. a currency symbol shouldn't be inserted manually. If "Currency" is not specified in the field it will default to $. Current Price maps to sale_price in your feed.

StitcherAds can save your creative template for reuse the next time you create a Retargeting DPA campaign.

Add Additional Targeting
There's an option to limit the placement of your advert to certain devices. Simply choose the appropriate device(s) them from the options presented.

Dynamic Product Ads can be limited to certain countries so that they are only displayed to people in countries where you ship. 

It's important to segment your campaigns across different targeting groups. This allows you more control over optimizations (bids, budget, pause, etc) without editing the entire campaign. It also provides more detailed insights and data to drive future strategy decisions regarding who to target.

It should be noted that too many permutations can cause your campaign budget to be spread too thin. This can negatively affect reach and delivery.

Set Up The Campaign And Budget
Finally, give your campaign a name, add your tracking pixels and decide how much you wish to spend on your adverts. The bid will apply to all of the products that have been included in the campaign. The budget is set for the campaign as a whole.


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