Why isn't my campaign getting any delivery or spend?

StitcherAds -

We recommend the following eight steps to identifying the reason campaigns are not getting or have suddenly stopped getting delivery.  We recommend confirming the following steps below as these are the most common reasons campaigns fail to deliver despite being set up correctly.

  1. Billing and Payment Methods - Check Business Manager settings to ensure your billing is up-to-date and valid billing setup in Facebook.  Often times expired credit cards, and/or lack of payment method will result in no delivery.  To access Billing and Payment Methods  log into Business Manager and under All Tools > Settings > Billing and Payment
  2. Activate - Campaings, Adsets, and Ads. - Ensure campaigns, ad sets, and ads are active - Review each level of the campaign to ensure that the campaign and ad sets are active, and that active ad sets have at least one active ad.  Ensure there are no errors or disapprovals on your ads
  3. Campaign structure - Check to ensure the campaign was built out as anticipated and that there were no errors in the launch.  This means reviewing the adsets and respective ads were created as anticipated.
  4. Estimated Audience - Check the estimated audience size ad the adset level for each ad set.  StitcherAds will show a audience of 20 people if the audience is too small, and/or contains no users.  For DPA and retargeting an audience of 20 may mean that the audience hasn't had time to populate.  For prospecting campaigns; and audience of 20 likely means that targeting was setup incorrectly.  You can check this in StitcherAds at the ad set level 
  5. Budget Amount  - Ensure that the adsets have adequate budget.  Budgets less than $25/day may see limited delivery as Facebook will distribute the budget from an adset throughout the day.
  6. Bids to Budget Ratio - Check your bids and budgets to ensure that your budget is at least five times your bid.  This is particularly important with oCPM bidding as the bid to budget ratio can negatively impact delivery.
  7. Bid Amount - If you're seeing impressions, or a small amount of spend vs. expected budget the issue could be related to the bid being too low.  If all of the above are setup correctly, and you're still not seeing delivery the issue could be related to the bid being outside of the auction.
  8. Contact Customer Success - If you've reviewed the following and the issue is still not resolved; please reach out to the customer success team and we will help troubleshoot the issue.


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